If you like local living, you’ll love bludarts.
bludarts is about living local—it’s the app that puts local business info and messages on your
phone. So you can find the products and specials you want near you or get notified when your
favorite business posts bludarts.
Your filters, your way.
You only get the stuff you want.
1Set it and go get it
By giving more options for customization, there’s nothing annoying. Only great bludarts.
2Get notified, or see bludarts on the map
Choose to find bludarts the way that’s easiest for you. Set for notifications or pull up your phone map. Better filtering means exactly what you want.
3Use the dashboard online
Bludarts are for desktops, too. Login and manage your filters, find bludarts, share—whatever you like to do.
4Explore your world
Find new business or keep in touch with your favorites via bludarts.
5Redeem that bludart
Get a four-digit code from the merchant. Enter it into your phone and enjoy. We don’t share your personal information.
Get the app
Get the scoop du jour.
The next big thing for small businesses.
Get the app
bludarts was created to give local businesses an edge with an easy-to-use mobile marketing platform. Reward your customers, offer a deal or make an announcement. bludarts are on your terms and they only cost $10.
Free and easy setup from iPads, Android tablets or other web browsers.
Offer a limited-time special, announce new inventory, or simply tell customers what makes your business exceptional. You set your bludarts to communicate what you want to say. It’s always on your terms, not ours.
Targeted Marketing
By reaching people who have set their filters to seek out businesses like yours and by reaching them when they are nearby, you are engaging customers with a higher likelihood to respond.
React in real time and instantaneously add bludarts or schedule them ahead of time. No groups or deep discounts are mandated.
Get the app